Drunk Every Day

I recently returned from me ancestral home

Where we celebrated me granda’s one hundredth year

On the day that I left the old man pulled me aside

Said boy-o there’s some things you need to hear


There’s a secret to my long life, vitality and vigor

While my friends drop like flies I grow longer in the tooth

I live by a simple creed, and if you follow in its steps

You’ll live long, you’ll live bold, and that’s the simple truth



Love stronger than the waves in the stormy North Sea

Fight for your flag never shirk from the fray

Savor every taste and sniff every rose in bloom

But above all be certain you’re drunk every day


I marched against the English

And fought in fourteen wars

I tousled with a naked Scot

And loved women by the score


On each of these occasions

I made for the arrangement

Of drunken acts so blatant

They’d offend most of the nation




I shook the hands of royalty

And travelled this green isle

I won a race at donnybrook

And eluded the rank and file


Three sheets I was to the wind

The bottle was in me claws

Through every every second of every day

The booze passed through me jaws




They say your liver won’t hold up

Your nose’ll grow big and red

But take it from me tea totalling mates

I’m alive and they are dead

So guzzle up your whiskey

Your porter and your stout

Smoke your fags and eat red meat

To this creed ya be devout


Chorus x2


But above all make sure, you’re tanked every day

But above all, make it absolutely positive, you’re pissed every day