Mickey Flynn

I wrote this song one evening at the Roadway Inn in Harriman, TN. It was the Friday before The Tennessee Medieval Faire, and it was our first gig as "The Jackdaws". I was inspired by the bareknuckle boxing scenes in some of my favorite Guy Ritchie movies: "Snatch" and "Sherlock Holmes". Something about the raw masculinity of two men duking it out in a hidden place was so appealing to me, and I wanted to bring my voice to that. When working on it, Elsa (Our original fiddler) came up with the idea of playing the lead behind the fourth verse to give the feeling that the lyrics and fiddle were "fighting it out". This is most likely our most popular original song, and we truly enjoy playing it as much now as we did the day we debuted it. - Whiplash

There’s an oaken circle with bloody floors

In a windowless warehouse with barred doors

In a halting-site out of Killarney

Prize fights raged there every night

During a time I was at me height

Finer fists, you weren’t prone to see


Any man who faced me off

Would end up with a broken jaw

And a head screamin’ out like a banshee

‘Till Mickey Flynn he came to town

He knocked me arse right on the ground

And made a right proper fool of me



He cracked open a rib or two

Beat me solid through and through

Danced a jig over my unconscious frame

I’ve won me healthy share of fights

But I’m a lucky sod to still have me life

Since Mickey Flynn beat me dumb and lame


The coin was ridin’ on me high

I came out swingin’ with a mighty cry

He dodged my jab and socked me in the nose

I spun and flailed at his meaty head

But he boxed both of me ears instead

And with another strike, forced my right eye closed


With itchin’ hands so tightly wound

I shuffled my feet and bobbed around

Tried to find a method of attack

I tried to push him against the wall

But a sock to me chin ended it all

I slumped down and lay thoughtless on me back




A fightin’ man I used to be

Revered and feared through Killarney

Now I’m back to hitchin’ with the wind

If Mickey Flynn should ever find me

I’ll throw me caution all behind me

And square off on that son of a bitch again